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The Era Of Industry4.0Has Arrived,But You Are Still Processing In The Traditional Way?

Low Production CostSave Production And Increase Production Capacity Reduce Investment Costs

Excellent Production QualityReduce Raw Material Waste And Improve
Product Quality Consistency

High ProductivityExpand Production Capacity,Increase Production Efficiency
And Industry Competitiveness

Management Not BotheredImprove production safety
conditions and reduce
personnel turnover

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Realize Process Automation For The Enterprise, Saving Manpower, Material Resources.

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Years of experience

Lijing Is Committed To Achieving Total Process Automation Solutions For The Company, Saving Manpower, Material Resources, Increasing Productivity And Yield.

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Targeted Dispenser Solution

LiJing Helps Companies Reduce Labor Costs And Increase Production Efficiency

  • Electronic Component
  • Hardware Dispenser
  • Clothing Dispenser
  • Jewelry Dispenser
  • Chess Dispenser
  • Wall Painting Beads
Electronic industry case
Electronic industry case

Industry:Electronic industry case

Overview:Dongguan GaoBu Li Jing Machinery Factory's self-deve...

  • Samsung
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corp
  • Foxconn
  • Reebok
Li Jing · Partner
About usProcess Automation For The Company · Save Manpower And Material Resources

Dongguan gaobu li jing machinery factory was established in June 2014, professional focus on industrial robots, CCD visual inspection machine,CCD visual dispensing machine...

  • 2009
    R & D Silicone / PVC Disu
  • 2011
    Research CCD Visual Dispenser
  • 2012
    Research Hardware Visual Dispenser
  • 2013
    Research Chess Mahjong Paint Machine
  • 2014
    Officially Founded Li Jing Machinery Factory
  • 2014
    Established a Vietnamese Agent
  • 2015
    Formally Established Zhejiang Yiwu Office
  • 2015
    Products passed the EU CE certification
Development History Development History

Nearly 10 Years Of Automated
Dispensing Equipment


Automated Equipment Can Save
30% Of The Time And Manpower


1200 Square Meters
Entire Plant


Choice Of More Than 200 Customers
Involved In More Than 10 Industries

Qualification · Witness QualityTotal Quality Management System

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